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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Muzaffarnagar Pincode / Post Office Search (MUZAFFARNAGAR, Uttar Pradesh)

Agarwal Paper Mill B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Ailum S.O 247771MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Alipur Kheri S.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Amir Nagar B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Anandpuri S.O (Muzaffarnagar) 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Badhai Kalan B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Badhai Khurd B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Badheri B.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Badiwala B.O 251327MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Baghra S.O (Muzaffarnagar) 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bagowali B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur B.O 251203MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Baheri B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bara Bazar Shamli S.O 247776MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Barkali B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Barla S.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Barwala B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Basera S.O 251310MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Behra Thru B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Behupura B.O 251316MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Belra B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bhikki B.O 251203MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bhopa Road S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Bihari B.O 251203MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Biralasi B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Brahmpuri S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Budha Khera B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Budina Kalan B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Budina Khurd B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Charthawal S.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Chhapar B.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Chokra B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Dakhori B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Dayalpuri B.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Dhimanpura S.O 247776MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Doodhli B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Dudha Heri B.O 251203MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Gadhla B.O 251310MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Gandewara B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Gandhi Colony S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Ganga Ram Pura S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Ganj Bazar Kandhala S.O 247775MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Ganna Samiti Shamli S.O 247776MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Hari Nagar B.O 251327MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Jaroda B.O 251003MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Jasoi B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Jat Mujhera B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Jauli B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Jhal Nirgajani B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kachauli B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Karoda Hathi B.O 251305MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kasampur Patheri B.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kazi Khera B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kelanpur B.O 251327MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khai-kheri B.O 251310MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khala Par S.O 251002MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khatauli Bazar S.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khatauli S.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kheri Rangdhang B.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khudda B.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Khusropur B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kinoni B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kukara B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kulheri B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kutba B.O 251318MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kutchery Mzn S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Kutesra B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Lachera B.O 251003MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Laddhawala S.O 251002MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Luhari Khurd B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Makhiyali B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Maleera B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Malpura B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Mandi B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Megha Kheri B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Mohamad Pur Madan B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Mukandpur B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Mussa Bilaspur B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Muzaffar Nagar City S.O 251002MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Muzaffarnagar H.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Nagala Pithora B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Nagla Bujurg B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Nai Abadi Budhana S.O 251305MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Nasir Pur B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Navin Mandi Sthal S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Niamu B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Nirmana B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Pachanda Kalan B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Paoti B.O 251311MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Pinna B.O 251306MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Pipal Shah B.O 247772MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Pipalhera B.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Prempuri S.O 251002MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Purkazi S.O 251327MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rahakada B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rahamatpur Garwara B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rai B.O 251307MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rampur B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rampuram S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Ratheri B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rohana Khurd B.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Rohana Mills S.O 251202MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Roni Hazipur B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sahojani Tagan B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sarwat B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Satguru Nagar B.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Shamli Mandi S.O 247776MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Shamli Road S.O 251002MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Shamli S.O 247776MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sher Nagar B.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sherpur B.O 251327MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sikkri B.O 251308MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
South Civil Lines S.O 251001MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sugar Mill Road Khatauli S.O 251201MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Sujroo B.O 251003MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Taoli B.O 251318MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Tehsil Jansath S.O 251314MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Tejalhera B.O 251310MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Titawi B.O 251301MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Tuglakpur B.O 251310MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh
Vehlana B.O 251003MuzaffarnagarUttar Pradesh